What do you mean by “cultural fit”

At its core, cultural fit means that employees’ beliefs and behaviors are in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture.

“you’re not a cultural fit,” is code for, “we can’t see your personality and approach to work fitting in with the rest of us.”

The culture of any organization — that ineffable mix of traditions, habits, assumptions, and unwritten rules that add up to “how we do things around here” — is so complex, and so subtle, that it’s hard (if not impossible) to sum up in a few simple phrases.

Cultural fit is a concept that can be hard to define, but everyone knows when it is missing. Imagine a company founder who believes that an open office plan and team projects promote creativity and progress, but whose employees are overwhelming introverts. Or think about the ambitious employee stuck in an organization that offers no training, tuition reimbursement or room for advancement.

culture fit

One of the biggest challenges in looking for a new job is successfully navigating the ‘culture club’ throughout the interview process. It can feel like you are back in high school. Each company you interview with will have its own tribe-like feel. Think of all the cliques you used to encounter: the jocks, the nerds, the cheerleaders, the artists, the goths, the rich kids, etc. Each group had a set of beliefs that dictated how they spoke, dressed, and interacted with one another. It was up to you to find the group where you felt you belonged. While I wish I could tell you times have changed, they haven’t. We’ve all grown up, but we are still human – and forming tribes is what humans do. It’s our way of bonding so we can work together and be more productive. Now, before you get defensive and cry, “not fair!” consider this…

Every Successful Company Has a Strong Culture Club

Google. Apple. Facebook. Amazon. To work at these prestigious companies, you need to fit in with their culture club. This is never going to go away. As long as there are companies to work for, there will be culture clubs to go with them. As job seekers, it’s up to us to identify and pursue companies where we know our personality and approach to work will be accepted.

If you’ve been told you weren’t a cultural fit in an interview, don’t take it personally. It’s likely they did you a favor. Why work someplace where you don’t feel like you belong? Instead, move on and use the tips above to find a culture club that lets you do your best work!

Certification : MongoDB for Database Adminstrators – M102

Hi Friends,

I feel pleasure to share that I have taken one more step towards MongoDb expertise by successfully finishing yet another certification course for Mongo DB as database administrator😉 Previous certificate was M101P which was focused on developer’s aspect of mongoDb, this certificate is M102 – which was focused on database administrator’s aspect of MongoDb.
It was a 2 month long course and I finished this with 90%.
This certificates enabled me to set up production level replica sets, shards, fail overs, indexes, performance tuneups, back up and recovery, data migration and several other complex tasks.

Go Lang : Github link for go lang tutorial with exercises

Hey Friends,


This is an awesome link to learn go lang as it covers each topics, with actual code problem and solution and description.

It also has the link for Go play ground to try out your solutions


Enjoy Learning:-)

Certificate : Java Messaging Services with ActiveMQ, SOA, Spring & MongoDB

This course enables me to architect and develop SOA – software oriented architecture based application with Java Messaging Services, Active MQ, Spring, GIT, Jenkins continuous Integration with back end of no-sql MongoDB:-)


This certificate above verifies that Aseem Jain successfully completed the course SDLC with SOA Spring Java JMS GIT ActiveMQ MongoDB Jenkins on May 4, 2016 as taught by Eric Clarke on Udemy.

Certificate link : https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-NPGAN1S3/

Mac : Installing Mysql on mac using brew

Look, if you just want to try out mysql only for learning then there is not need for local installation, you can try it out free at this site : http://demo.phpmyadmin.net/master-config/

If you want to install Mysql on you mac machine then follow below steps :

  1. Install mysql with brew install mysql
  2. Start mysql with mysql.server start
  3. Connect mysql with mysql -uroot 
  4. Stop mysql with mysql.server stop


Note :

To have launchd start mysql at login:

  ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/mysql/*.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents

Then to load mysql now:

  launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.mysql.plist

Or, if you don’t want/need launchctl, you can just run:

$   mysql.server start

$ mysql -uroot

mysql.server stop

Once Mysql is installed you can check port number using below command



| Variable_name | Value |


| port          | 3306  |


1 row in set (0.00 sec)