MVC Analogy – (Model View Controller)

Sometime to under stand a concept more deeply, analogy really helps. we can relate concepts with something we already know and can imagination. Mike has given me a good example of Bank working as MVC.

Just image the functionality of todays bank and see how its work flow is MVC.

Initial thinking – you can think of data as gold or money kept in the safe of a bank. One cannot access the locker/safe or a bank directly. His access is controller by some mechanism.

You go to bank “May i help you counter” and request for money withdraw. The receptionist puts you request in a queue and gives you a token and redirects to a particular counter. Here receptionist acts as Controller.
When you reach that counter the guy there asks for you Id proof account number and other details as per bank rules for verification. This guy acts as Model which has some set of rules to interact with database.
The guy provides you the money from your safe ie the data from the database.
Finally you can think of  bank receipt as you view.

Its just a platform to imagine … add more scenarios.


One thought on “MVC Analogy – (Model View Controller)

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