changing oracle database port

Default port of servers and services is mainly 8080, in fact oracle XE database default port is also 8080 which gets clashed and create trouble in running other applications.

The procedure to change default oracle database port is as below:

1. login oracle using c:>sqlplus

2. change HTTP port from 8080 to 8083
sql>call dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML(dbms_xdb.cfg_get(), ‘/xdbconfig/sysconfig/protocolconfig/httpconfig/http-port/text()’, 8083));

3. change FTP port from 2100 to 2111
sql>call dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML( dbms_xdb.cfg_get(), ‘/xdbconfig/sysconfig/protocolconfig/ftpconfig/ftp-port/text()’ , 2111));

4. refresh settings
sql>exec dbms_xdb.cfg_refresh;

5. to verify that port changed
c:>netstat -a

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