What is meditation ?

 Meditation is not concentration,Meditation is not contemplation,Meditation is not hypnotism, Meditation is not about doing something; rather it is about doing nothing. Meditation is being in the state of awareness and unconditional witnessing. Meditation is state of “No Mind” – “Complete nothingness” – “0 Shunya(zero) “.  As i am writing it, i am not master in this, but i have tasted it.  Some times even without trying – it happens automatically. I think most of us might have experienced it one time or the other. ( sense of identity and time is lost). For different people it happens at different occasion, not essentially  during meditation practice session. Some times during dancing, playing, singing, cooking and more often than not while reading. You are so absorbed that you loose your identity, thoughts and get separated from yourself. While dancing – dancer is lost only dance remain – no though, no mind – just an effortless act and a lot of bless.

Meditation is experiencing and enjoying the inner void – though one may say that this enjoying is a mind-oriented experience. Both joy and sorrow are experienced by the mind – and anything that is experienced by the mind is not meditation.

To meditate we need to understand two factors: be an unconditional witness and observe the intricate functioning of the mind. Once we observe how a thought is formulated, what are the conditions in which mind is prone to generate thoughts, only then can we take a leap beyond the cobweb of thoughts and experience the ever-flowing inner bliss.

It is futile to clean the outside when your inside is blemished with numerous negativities So, there is a need to connect to your inner self, which is possible only through meditation. Don’t react – act. One who is obsessed with worldly pursuits, one who is body-oriented, cannot really go into this. We need to develop a distance from our mind and not give into its impulsiveness. So, in a way, we can say that living mindfully is being in meditation and it has nothing to do with ashram, temple, yoga or anything else. You could be in state of meditation while doing any thing and everything (when you attain total awareness and zero mind during your act whatever you do).


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