Uttam Kshama

Clear your heart and forgive me from bottom of your heart for all my sin or mistakes which i might have done knowingly due to some reason or unknowingly. I also forgive all living beings who have hurt me any time in my life and pray for their happiness.

KShama parv is the festival in Jainism where we seek forgiveness from all living being who got hurt knowingly or unknowingly, directly or in-directly. Its is the day, when we get opportunity to appologize for all our sin and forgive everyone who has hurt us in past. We restart the relation again with zero balance, without forwarding any enmity, revenge or guild.

“Forgive me and Forget me” is the silver line written on samadhi of Rajneesh Chandra mohan jain(OSHO) at Pune Ashram. Well, it has a deep meaning which is beyond the scope of this little post.  The person we remember most is not someone who has helped us but the one how has hurt us the most and betrayed at some point of time. We become unable to detach and forget, in turn we keep on hurting ourselves remembering that time and again. Confessing some thing and apologizing makes us feel lighter and forgiving makes us feel deeper.

Sharing one Shloka of Jainism with all dear readers of this blog post.

Shloka :

पीडैं दुष्ट अनेक, बांध मार बहु विधी करै ।
धरिये छिमा विवेक, कोप ना कीजिये पीतमा ॥
उत्तम छिमा गहो रे भाई, इह भव जस पर भव सुखदाई ।
गाली सुनि मन खेद ना आनो, गुन को औगुन कहे अयानो ॥
कहि है अयानो वस्तु छीने, बांध मार बहु विधि करै ।
घरतैं निकारे तन विदारै, बैर जो ना तहा धरै ॥
जे करम पूरब किये खोटे, सहै क्यों नहिं जीयरा ।
अति क्रोध अगनि बुझाय प्रानी, साम्य-जल ले सीयरा ॥


Even if a lot of evil people hurt you and cause you several injuries, you should forgive them all and should not get angry on them. This supreme forgiveness should be achieved by everyone as it is beneficial ( Happiness giving) in this birth and future births as well. Even if some one abuses us or call our good qualities bad we shouldn’t feel sad for the above specified reason. Even if others steal our belongings or hurt us, we should not keep any enmity with them. Because we have got to bear the result of the ill deeds (Paap)/ Sin that we committed in our past. If we again get angry on such occasions then we will continue to wander in this world accumulating more karm. We should extinguish the fire of anger with the water of equanimity and control.

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