How to track network /response header in IE

Like Firebug Net tab, there is a net tab introduced in Web developer toolbar for Internet explorer.

The Network tab gives developers insight into what resources a web page is using including the data that is sent to and received from the server. Developers can use this information to see if network responses contain errors, such as file not found or a server side error. The tool also helps debugging AJAX requests as you can examine the data as it was sent and received from the server.

To find the Network tab, open the developer tools. In the Network tab you need to click Start Capturing to begin recording network traffic. The network tool doesn’t capture data until you click start because collecting network data has an impact on performance and consumes memory. Once you’ve started capturing, refresh the page to see the recorded network requests in the Summary View as they occur.


Request Headers
A list of all the headers sent with the request including the request line.

Request Body
A text view of any data sent in the body of the request, typically used for POST requests such as form submissions.

Response Headers
A list of all the headers received with the response including the status line.

Response Body
A view of the body of the response. The tool has built in viewers for text and images.

A view of the cookies sent and received with the request.


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