IE7 Overflow hidden bug and its workaround

I’ve been working on this bug where image of inner div does gets hidden when overflow by applying zooming affect by javascirpt in IE 7 browser. It was working nicely in all other browsers including IE 8 and IE 9  as well. To fix the issue 🙂
Just added one more attribute to make is working on ie 7 = “position:relative;”

#viewport{left:0; overflow:hidden;position:relative;top:0}
#viewport img{max-width:none}

300px; height: 240px; border:3px solid blue;” id=”viewportContainer”>
0px; top: 0px; cursor: move; border:3px solid red;” id=”viewport”>

<img id=”0″ title=”” ondblclick=”iv.resetZoomOrEnlarge(event)” onmousedown=”iv.dragStart(event)” src=”skill%20quest_files/q3117_src.jpg” width=”324″ height=”270″>

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