Hibernate : Projections & Aggregations

The Criteria API provides the org.hibernate.criterion.Projections class which can be used to get average, maximum or minimum of the property values. The Projections class is similar to the Restrictions class in that it provides several static factory methods for obtaining Projectioninstances. The class org.hibernate.criterion.Projections is a factory for Projection instances.
You can apply a projection to a query by calling setProjection().

Criteria cr = session.createCriteria(Employee.class);

// To get total row count.

// To get average of a property.

// To get distinct count of a property.

// To get maximum of a property.

// To get minimum of a property.

// To get sum of a property.

List results = session.createCriteria(Cat.class)
    .setProjection( Projections.projectionList()
        .add( Projections.rowCount() )
        .add( Projections.avg("weight") )
        .add( Projections.max("weight") )
        .add( Projections.groupProperty("color") )

List results = session.createCriteria(Domestic.class, "cat")
    .createAlias("kittens", "kit")
    .setProjection( Projections.projectionList()
        .add( Projections.property("cat.name"), "catName" )
        .add( Projections.property("kit.name"), "kitName" )
    .addOrder( Order.asc("catName") )
    .addOrder( Order.asc("kitName") )


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