Never take Emotional Decision

I learned a lesson today. Do what ever is fit for team, company and society and the decision factor should be based on facts, figures and performances. Narrating the details now,
I am captain of a cricket team named as Sikandar. In the league cricket match, we played well to set a target of 90 runs in 8 overs, that means a run rate of about 12 runs per over. Than we bowled well and opponent needed 40 runs in last over. At point in time, a player requested me to give him an over. We were at such strong position that we could not loose at point, so I trusted him and instead of continuing with my strike bowlers, given him the boll. He bowled pathetic. No line, no length and has given 23 runs in his over. Even though we won the match comfortably but it has affected our teams run rate and pushed us from number 1 position. Which might cause us to get out of the tournament. I apologized to team for my emotional decision, since I wanted to give every body an opportunity in the match and to please every body, I have caused a bigger damage and displeased a lot more people.

Had I used my strike bowler, who was bowling well, or I could have bowled that over (decision on basis of facts, figures and performances), we would have qualified comfortably for the quarter finals.
Gist of this blog post is :
Never take Emotional Decision, take decisions based on facts, figures and performances.

My friend Jatin, described this entire lesson in these simple words :
I do not know the formula of success, But I definitely know the formula of failure and it is “Try to please every body”

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