Why no one helped Delhi rape victim on Road side

Today I realized why nobody has helped the naked lady full on blood on road side. I saw an old man lying in the centre of road and another old man was trying to lift him alone. I was surprizing to see that no one is helping this old man. I was on my motor bike, so I parked it and helped him to stand and get off the road. I realized that old man was drunk not able to walk properly. When I was about to leave that place, another old man, came in front of my bike and started asking for money and was threatening me in his local language. I said “Oh My God, I have helped you and now you are beating me”. I shouted and somehow accelerated my bike to get rid of this guy, and had a narrow escape since after accelerating I was about to collide with a girl’s scooter passing by.
That was not done; this old man threw shoes at me and was using abusing words, when I was going.

After this incident, I realized why no one was helping them. Even I will think 10 times before helping anybody on road. May be by helping, one may attract trouble. This could be the primary though in passer-by’s mind, when they saw naked lady full of blood lying on road and everybody just passed by.

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