Hibernate : Disadvantages of Hibernate

Lots of API to learn: A lot of effort is required to learn Hibernate. So, not very easy to learn hibernate easily.

Debugging: Sometimes debugging and performance tuning becomes difficult.

Slower than JDBC: Hibernate is slower than pure JDBC as it is generating lots of SQL statements in runtime.

Not suitable for Batch processing: It advisable to use pure JDBC for batch processing.

Not suitable for Small projects : For small project having few tables it is useless to work with hibernate.

Does not allow multiple inserts : Hibernate does not allow some type of queries which are supported by JDBC. For example It does
not allow to insert multiple objects (persistent data) to same table using single query. Developer
has to write separate query to insert each object.

Generates complex quires with many joins : For complex data, mapping from Object-to-tables and vise versa reduces performance and
increases time of conversion. (query conversion)


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