Best Practice – Follow the defined standards, don’t create it

Most of the standard software organizations maintain their coding standards. These standards would have been setup by well experienced software developers and after spending years with software development. This is equivalent to following footsteps of great people left behind them.


If your organization does not have any standard then I would suggest to search for internet for coding standard for different programming languages and you will find many. A coding standard would fix the rules about various important attributes of the code, few are listed below:

  • File Naming convention

  • Function & Module Naming convention

  • Variable Naming convention

  • History, Indentation, Comments

  • Readability guidelines

  • List of do’s and don.ts

But once defined, start following the defined standard instead of creating or changing them everyday. I would definitely say:

Source code is your BABY!

So keep it clean, consistent, and beautiful. When I say beautiful, it really means beautiful. If your code looks beautiful then it would be easy for others to ready and understand it. If you will keep changing coding rules everyday then after few days you, yourself would not be able to read and understand the code written by you.

If standard is not set, then create the standard but you have to follow some standard, else without any guideline or standard, it would become a mess over the period of time.

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