Best Practice – Leave the ego behind, Be eager to learn

We always learn from books and now a days from internet. But IT is such a field where we learn a lot from our colleagues. They are our best references, but there are software developers who either feel shy in asking their doubts or if they will ask then they are not thankful to others so ultimately when they ask next time they get zero answer.

IT is vast and nobody can have complete knowledge on any subject. Every day we come across different problems. So Ask…Don’t feel shy if you don’t know X.

I’m not suggesting you to bother someone unreasonably and asking for spoon feeding to learn anything. NO, be polite, thankful, to the point, understanding and supporting to others.

New technologies are coming everyday

If you want to sustain in the market then you would have to keep yourself updated with latest IT tools, and technologies. Following are the few sources

  • Technical Forums over the internet.

  • Technical magazines on various IT subjects.

  • Technical Bulletin Boards

  • Conferences, Trainings and workshops

  • Latest versions of old tools and packages, languages etc.

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