Best Practice – Testing to be followed like a religion.

Testing is mandatory after every small or big change no matter how tight schedule you have or you just changed a small comment inside the code, you have testing due for the changed code.

There is nothing like trust while developing software, no matter how expert or how senior you are in writing source code, you would have to perform testing for each and every change you did in the code.

  • Tight schedule, no compromise.

  • Changed just a comment, still you have to test it.

  • Changed just a variable name, testing has to be done.

  • If you feel lazy…it’s too dangerous.

Don’t want to follow it? You will be in trouble!


Celebrate every bug you find

Yes you should not feel unhappy if you or another tester finds a bug in your software source code. Following are the enough reasons to celebrate this discovery:

  • Bugs are your enemies, so you have killed one.

  • Now your software is having one bug less.

  • Mistakes are good as long as they are not repeating.

  • What you learn today, it prepares you for tomorrow

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