JSF : Architecture


A JSF application is similar to any other Java technology-based web application; it runs in a Java servlet container, and contains

  • JavaBeans components as models containing application-specific functionality and data

  • A custom tag library for representing event handlers and validators

  • A custom tag library for rendering UI components

  • UI components represented as stateful objects on the server

  • Server-side helper classes

  • Validators, event handlers, and navigation handlers

  • Application configuration resource file for configuring application resources

JSF Architecture

There are controllers which can be used to perform user actions.UI can be created by web page authors and the business logic can be utilized by managed beans.

JSF provides several mechanisms for rendering an individual component. It is upto the web page designer to pick the desired representation, and the application developer doesn’t need to know which mechanism was used to render a JSF UI component.

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