JSF – Managed Beans

  • Managed Bean is a regular Java Bean class registered with JSF. In other words, Managed Beans is a java bean managed by JSF framework.

  • The managed bean contains the getter and setter methods, business logic or even a backing bean (a bean contains all the HTML form value).

  • Managed beans works as Model for UI component.

  • Managed Bean can be accessed from JSF page.

  • In JSF 1.2,a managed bean had to register it in JSF configuration file such as faces-config.xml.

  • From JSF 2.0 onwards, Managed beans can be easily registered using annotations. This approach keeps beans and there registration at one place and it becomes easier to manage.

Using Annotation

@ManagedBean(name = "helloWorld", eager = true)
public class HelloWorld {
   private Message message;

@ManagedBean Annotation

@ManagedBean marks a bean to be a managed bean with the name specified in name attribute. If the name attribute is not specified, then the managed bean name will default to class name portion of the fully qualified class name. In our case it would be helloWorld.

Another important attribute is eager. If eager=”true” then managed bean is created before it is requested for the first time otherwise “lazy” initialization is used in which bean will be created only when it is requested.

Scope Annotations

Scope annotations set the scope into which the managed bean will be placed. If scope is not specified then bean will default to request scope. Each scope is briefly discussed below.



@ManagedProperty Annotation

JSF is a simple static Dependency Injection(DI) framework.Using @ManagedProperty annotation a managed bean’s property can be injected in another managed bean.

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