Letter template : Candidate rejection letter after interview

Subject : Interview feedback from ABC company

Dear Hariharan,

We were very glad to have the opportunity of telephonic interview on 22 April. We were very impressed with your capabilities and agree you have a great deal to offer.
While we don’t feel that our current opening is the best match for your qualifications and experience, we do encourage you to apply again in the future.
We will however, maintain your resume in our active files for a period of one year and contact you when needed.

Thank you again and best wishes with your job search.

Aseem Jain
(ABC company – Hiring Team)


Getting a rejection letter is always disappointing.
As an employer, you shouldn’t provide reasons or details regarding your decision; however you absolutely don’t want to hurt the candidate’s feelings.

If you come to the conclusion that the applicant doesn’t fit the position, you will want to send him the post interview rejection letter right after an interview or after completing the interviewing/application process.
Therefore, the best way to do this is to get straight to the point by writing to the candidate that you haven’t selected him.

It would be wise to add some words of appreciation, indicating how you were impressed by his/her skills – These may encourage him/her to continue his job search without having unwanted bad feelings about your company.

You may also thank the candidate for his or her time interviewing for the job in your company.

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