Home Remedies for Bad Breath from the Kitchen


Everybody’s favorite and most used home remedy for bad breath is chewing on mint. It is recommended that you chew on fresh mint leaves. Other than that keep good mint drops in handy, but be careful of the ones which contain too much sugar as they can taste really good but in the long term produce bad breath.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is among the most effective home remedies for bad breath. All you have to do is brush your teeth with baking soda every alternate day. Not only will it make your teeth brilliantly white but it is also a home remedy for bad breath! You can sprinkle your damp toothbrush with baking soda or squeeze pea-sized toothpaste on your brush and dip it in baking soda.

Say cheese!
Eating cheese will also fight bad breath and it is considered a home remedy for bad breath. Eat a small amount of low-fat cheese as a snack or along with your food and it will keep the bad breath away.

Spices for bad breath
Open your spice cabinet and chew on cardamom, clove or fennel to keep bad breath away. Now, by spices we mean aromatic spices like the ones mentioned which give off a flavor and release the aromatic oil from within. This home remedy for bad breath has been around for centuries.

Raw, fresh vegetables and an apple a day!
Eating uncooked, raw vegetables don’t just make a healthy meal, but also service the purpose of being an excellent home remedy for bad breath. These crunchy vegetables will keep bad breath away. Eating carrots, celery stalks, and lettuce naturally helps keep your mouth clean and breath fresh. So, make a fresh vegetable salad and munch away.
An apple a day not just keeps the doctor away; it also helps keep bad breath miles away! If you eat an apple everyday – preferably at breakfast hours — it will ward off your bad breath problem and also help keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Home remedies for bad breath will rescue you from your persistent problem, but still you need to take some tips to keep your mouth from stinking. Such as:
Keep mouth clean
Keeping your mouth clean is possibly the best home remedy for bad breath provided that you follow it religiously everyday of your life.
Floss your mouth right after eating or if you don’t have floss then at least use a toothpick so that food does not remain stuck in your mouth.

Rinse your mouth with water and mouthwash after you have flossed.
Brush your teeth as many times as you like but at least 2 times a day –after you wake up and before going to sleep, followed by rinsing mouth with a good minty mouthwash.
One thing many of us ignore is that we do not clean our tongue. So, just gently brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria on the tongue as well.

Avoid strong flavored foods
Food like anchovies and seaweed contain fish amine which make them taste so strong and amazing but they will also cause your mouth to stink.
Garlic and onion contain sulfur compounds so avoid all foods that contain this so you do not give off bad breath.
Try out these home remedies for Bad Breath (and the additional help tips) and regain your lost confidence. Keep smiling!


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