Some one broke my Car glass :-( you know why ?

because he was a thief 😉 Last Sunday at MG road Pune in from of Life Style showroon, I parked my car on road side (since there was no parking available inside the mall). when we came back after shopping around 10:PM we found the car some one broke the car glass and took away hand bag (3500/- cash, Samsung smart phone, voter id, ATM cards etc) of my spouse which we left intentionally at the back the seat of car. There are some lessons learned which I want to share with you :-
1. Never keep your purse, hand bags, lap tops and mobile in the car. Even if you have to keep it there then do keep in visible range, hide it in dash board or with car pillos etc. Best to keep in Dicky (if you have a sedan car model)
2. It might take time, but try to park car in the proper parking of mall itself.

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