windows 8–Not a good experience

I was using windows 8.2 since last few months and finally downgraded it to windows7 as my experience was not good. Few reasons :-

As a developer when I run my jboss server, its performance is dead slow

Windows blogger/writer and several other applications were not running in windows 8

Most of the options are hidden some where, so need to waste a lot of time to access them

Navigation has been changes to faced issue finding the correct program

Lot of junk gagets have been loaded which consumes network and distracts focus.

Even to figure out the shut down option in windows 8 is not very intuitive.

Windows 8 is quite resource intensive, will consume lot of CPU and RAM


My suggestions, do not use 8.2 instead of being better and faster, it is rather slower and bad. Go for windows 7 or best is to use ubuntu or linux system


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