Top 10 Reasons to Get Java Certified

A certification in Java is one of the most highly recognized IT credentials in the industry and it can do a lot for you and your career! Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should get Java Certified:

1.     Higher Earning Potential

Certified individuals usually earn more money than their non-certified peers.  Here are some stats from recent research that supports this trend:

  • According to a recent Foote Partners report, pay for Sun Certified Java Programmers rose 13.5% over the first three months of 2009.
  • The 2009 Certification Magazine Salary Survey also posted the following average annual salary results (x1000) for the following key Java Certifications with respondents from around the world which were are all up from 2008.
    • Sun Certified Java Associate – $84.52
    • Sun Certified Java Programmer – $93.75
    • Sun Certified Java Developer – $107.4
    • Sun Certified Web Component Developer – $88.52
    • Sun Certified Business Component Developer – $93.91
    • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect – $108.36

2.     Hiring Advantages Over Non-Certified Professionals

If you are in the market for a new job, a Java certification can help you stand out from non-certified candidates.  According to a recent survey by CompTIA, “Among IT hiring managers, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) rate IT certifications as having extremely high or high value in validating skills and expertise. Eight in ten human resources (HR) professionals surveyed believe IT certifications will grow in usefulness and importance over the next two years.“  Recruiters also often seek out those with Java credentials.

3.     One of the Most Highly Recognized Certifications in the Industry

There have been over 500,000 Java certifications granted worldwide so it’s no wonder Java certification tops the list of most recognized certifications in the industry.  Oracle offers a complete certification path for Java from an Associate level to Master level so whether you are just getting started with Java or have years of experience, you can validate your skills with a Java certification.  The Java Certification path has also been designed to align to real-world job roles and functions so you can specialize in areas that are relevant to your day-to-day job and career goals. 

4.     Address Knowledge and Skill Gaps

Going through Java certification training not only helps you prepare for your exam, but can also make you a better programmer/developer.  Preparing for a certification gives you a reason to brush up on what you already know and do every day.  It can also teach you something new.   Everyone has skills they excel at and others that they are weaker at.  Certification preparation can help you round out your skill set.

5.     Your Employer May Pay For It

Many companies support training and certifications for their employees to help support career growth and because of the value it brings to the organization.  Your company may be one of them!  Ask your management, training or Human resources if they will pay for or reimburse you for the expense of the training and certification.   It never hurts to ask! Consider a Certification Value Package where the training and certification are bundled together if you are not sure if they will cover the cost of the stand-alone certification exam.

6.     Skilled Java Developers and Programmers are in high demand

According to a recent study, Java development has supplanted IT security as the most difficult skill set for hiring managers to locate.  Additionally, Java and Java EE Development has once again topped the Foote Partners 2011 IT Skills Hot List.

7.     Networking and Exclusive Community Benefits

Through classes, online forums, networking sites, and technical conferences you can engage with others who share your interests and can be resources when you are looking for support on something.  This network can be useful as you progress in your career.  Additionally, as an Oracle Certified Professional, you will have special access to exclusive LinkedIn communities so you can engage with other certified peers. 

8.     Help Your Company Increase Business

This may be specifically relevant in the government IT sector. Some contracts allow for only hiring companies with certified If you’re self employed as an IT consultant or analyst, having certification to back up your work experience can be crucial in getting new clients. Those companies will know that you have a certain level of knowledge, and will look at your resume more favorably.

9.     Increased Performance

According to study done by IDC it was found that Java certification has a positive impact on improving organizational performance.

  • Teams with 50% of team members certified on relevant Java technologies and processes perform at the top tier of operational performance.
  • Team performance improves dramatically when more than 50% of the team is certified.
  • Having 50% of a development team certified in Java can improve performance in application development by more than 40%.
  • Training, and ultimately certification, is critical to improving overall IT performance..

10 . Boost Your Confidence

Even if you know how smart you are, it still feels really good to earn a credential like this.  As an added bonus, you can hang your certificate on the wall as well to show off your technical expertise to your co-workers, clients, friends and family.


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