shiksha veritas review

Very Bad school. I had to file the consumer court complain to get my refund. Thanks to Pune police for taking action by calling Shiksha Veritas Management ( Mr. Dilip and Jayashee ) making them to pay back the fees they were trying hold unethically. If you want to play with the future of your child then try this school.

My daughter has suffered in this school for around 2 1/2 years. We had to repeat the class since their was no improvement in 1 year. We had to take our child out in mid term and transferred in some other good school. (They even did not refunded the mid term fee as promised at the time of admission, until they were called to Abhiruchi police station).

The academic performance of school is not up to the mark, however they showcase lot of other activates which results in nothing at the end of the year (simple time waste for children). The kids in other good schools are way ahead then the students of same age in Shiksha Veritas.  
1. They keep on changing teachers. In every class at-least 2 to 4 teachers are changed.
2. Management is money minded and they are cheaters.
3.They charged 4000/- for Helen O Grady (some drama fees by institution) after collecting fees they dis continued it and did not returned the fees.
4. Premises is too small and dirty.
5. Transportation is very poor. They are all liers and have no integrity at all.
6. Basically they lack experienced person in their institution. They have bunch of low salaried people with no experience at all with very high level of ate ration.
7.The way they organize program is pathetic / very dis-organized . They have no sense of child cytology and literally torch er the children back stage during their annual show / fashion show.

Caution: At the time of admission they will talk sweet thing but at the end they will deny every thing, so better to keep every thing in writing or better record the conversation since they keep on changing their statements and especially rules to cheat parents.

Here is link of consumer court complain  for Helen – o – Grady :

Here is link of consumer court complain  for fees refund :

Manoh Chaurasiya complain :
Address: Row House No.6,Sterling Nisarg,Phase-2, Benkarvasti,Dhayari, Pune, Maharashtra 411041
Phone    093229 22358

My motive of writing this review is to warn parents about Shiksha Veritas and their bitter experiences. When people are new, they trust the school due to Shiksha Veritas sweet lies and marketing skills, however when their child suffers, their soul curses Shiksha Veritas school and regret on their bad decision or lack of research before taking admission.

Feel free to contact me if you want more details. Leave a comment in the blog if you had bitter experience with Shiksha Veritas school.

5 thoughts on “shiksha veritas review

  1. Hi Aseem , I posted a review on the school yesterday in just dial and google, and the school was prompt in calling up just dial and getting the review deleted. I am also facing a lot of problems in this school and after this academic year pulling my child out of this school. I made a big mistake in getting my child admitted in this school and now i regret for not checking reviews. you may check my review here….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..5.6.862.2..0i10k1.156.imWbGdcXXbA#lrd=0x3bc2951ea007d507:0x54321cf7ccc67db2,1,,

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  2. Hi Kiran, Please your contact number, my child is in the same school and I am facing some issues. Would like to talk to your before taking any action against the school


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