How to Save google Maps locations using name you want

Bookmarking or saving locations to the app is handy but who searches for their friends’ place by address? Without the ability to rename the address to something more recognizable, you’d likely forget which address is where.

However, when you search for an address or locate current location and save it to the list, you won’t be able to rename the address through the app into something more recognizable. Let’s try to fix that.

We’re going to show you how to rename saved locations for the Google Maps app for both iOS and Android users.

Saving A Location On Google Maps


Saving a landmark through the Google Maps app is great as you’ll be able to see the store name, together with the address at the bottom like what you see below.


Renaming Addresses Of Saved Locations

To rename an address, navigate on your browser Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to see all the locations you’ve saved through the Google Maps app.

Maps Bookmarks

Click on Edit to change the name of the address and click on Save when you’re done.



Hope you enjoyed our quick-tip of renaming bookmarked or saved locations on the Google Maps app which works for both iOS and Android users.


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