How to write and execute mongoDB scripts

There are times when we need to save the steps or commands of mongo shell and need to get it executed in the same order (for reusability and automation and avoid errors). The best solution is to save it in a file with any extension preferred is js, however I call it as mjs which means mongo javascript. With below command you can run it in bash

aseem278$ mongo < /Users/asee2278scripts/mongoScript.mjs

TIP : To be effective while writing query, you write commands using IDE to use auto complete, formatting, Json format verification and then redirect input to mongo 

Sample mongoScript.mjs

use school


var types = [‘exam’, ‘homework’, ‘quiz’]

for (student_id = 0; student_id < 100; student_id++) {

    for (type=0; type < 3; type++) {

   var r = {‘student_id’:student_id, ‘type’:types[type], ‘score’:Math.random() * 100};





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