MongoDB : Convert Oplog timestamp into ISO date

Most easy way to figure out the recent changes (any DB any collection) in mongo Database is to query to Oplog with sorting on timestamp

> db.oplog.$main.find().sort({“ts”:-1}).limit(5)

Output : { “ts” : Timestamp(1457990841, 1), “op” : “i”, “ns” : “nis.devices”, “o” : { “_id” : ObjectId(“56e72cb9389c38c2aeeab698”), “name” : “premaseemmarch” } }

This would show 5 recent records in any collection operated in the database.(we just sorted by time stamp in reverse order) To verify the the date we might have to convert the Timestamp in ISO date. -> “ts” : Timestamp(1457990841, 1)

Way 1 : 

> new Date(1000* 1457990841)


Way 2 : 

> x = Timestamp(1457989386, 1)

Timestamp(1457989386, 1)

> new Date(x.t * 1000)


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