Python: “json.dumps()” to pretty-print Python dicts

# The standard string repr for dicts is hard to read:
>>> my_mapping = {'a': 23, 'b': 42, 'c': 0xc0ffee}
>>> my_mapping
{'b': 42, 'c': 12648430. 'a': 23}  # 😞

# The "json" module can do a much better job:
>>> import json
>>> print(json.dumps(my_mapping, indent=4, sort_keys=True))
    "a": 23,
    "b": 42,
    "c": 12648430

Especially when you print dicts in logs for rest apis, where in you need to reuse them, it is always good practice to use json.dumps and print them as json instead of dict.

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