Transaction ACID properties

A database transaction is a sequence of actions that are treated as a single unit of work. These actions should either complete entirely or take no effect at all. Transaction management is an important part of RDBMS-oriented enterprise application to ensure data integrity and consistency. The concept of transactions can be described with the following four key properties described as ACID −

  • Atomicity − A transaction should be treated as a single unit of operation, which means either the entire sequence of operations is successful or unsuccessful.
  • Consistency − This represents the consistency of the referential integrity of the database, unique primary keys in tables, etc.
  • Isolation − There may be many transaction processing with the same data set at the same time. Each transaction should be isolated from others to prevent data corruption.
  • Durability − Once a transaction has completed, the results of this transaction have to be made permanent and cannot be erased from the database due to system failure.

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