cloud: Internet is Mesh topology

Internet is Mesh topology. read more to understand πŸ˜‰

Star topology is singe point of failure, which mean all the devices are connected to hub connected as the center of star with single wire. If hub / switch fails network will go down.

Our home wifi works on wireless star topology, where in all cellphone/devices are connected to router as center of star.

In Mesh topology, one devices is connected with several other devices using multiple wires. (wire mesh). That way if one hub fails, network still works.

Mesh topology is opposite of single point of failure and is redundant, which means even if one router fails, data packet can be relayed or routed using different route or path. Imagine a big house with one in modem and router with multiple wifi extenders, that way if range is week for one extenders, data can still travel using other extender device to reach to modem πŸ™‚

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