About Me

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I love to enjoy different dimension of life. I think life is like rainbow which has different colors, that is why I accept what ever comes in my way of life. 

I have Authored a technical book on “Software Architecture” published by pack publishing. Here is link of the book.

I did MCA Master in Computer application back in 2005. I am a software Engineer/Cloud Architect. Please check out my linked for professional summary.

I teach yoga to community so serve community for better health and fitness. Here is the link of my yoga training page.

I do video blogging on technology using you tube and got love from thousands of subscribers. Here is the link of my youtube channel.

I love sharing. I am a passionate blogger – www.premaseem.wordpress.com
I love teaching. I have published several tutorial online.
I love flying air planes. I am commanding officer of creative flyers flying club.
I love mountaineering. I did Basic Mountaineering Course & climbed 17,000 feet.

Punch line about me : “Computers is my profession, Flying is my passion and Meditation is my life
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30 thoughts on “About Me

      • Laura , your comment just shows that you don’t get informed at all …..begin to read and get informed, mostly about the raw food effects on health, then you will be able to discuss things hopefully with an open mind because now your mind is just as shut as a bank safe door!!!!!


  1. Given your education and clearly intelligent capabilities one would have thought you’d have taken alot more care than to publish the article on How To Beat Cancer, an article which is full of untruths and downright dangerous suggestions. Johns Hopkins medical research centre has even issued a point by point rebuttal of the article – perhaps you ought to publish their rebuttal alongside this dangerous article and then removethe whole thing after a week or so. Let’s hope no one has stopped taking their cancer meds in the meantime.

    Here is the JH article…

    … and here is the more general Snopes article also debunking it.


  2. You are not a medical doctor, have no medical training and have unverified information on your site. Very, very irresponsible. Cancer is much more complicated than you will ever understand, so please, do not offer advice that is not medically verified by a respected medical body.


  3. Hi was just wondering if u could tell me the source of your recent cancer article its a great one and i have a friend i want to pass it on to but i think it would be more credible if i could track down the source
    Kindest regards

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  4. I think these are great things to do to prevent cancer. I don’t see anywhere where you discuss a background in such things to prove your research. I think the chemo and radiation are remedies for when you have cancer. When you are feeling like the worst person on earth. Have you ever

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  5. Dude, if you are so into computers, why would you not take the time to fact check your cancer article before posting it? Its on snopes and John Hopkins website debunking it. Come on man, perpetuating that stuff makes people think they don’t have to do what they really need to do. Cancer is a crappy disease, don’t make it sound like cutting out sugars and breathing in more oxygen is going to cure it when none of the experts believe that. Even if you did believe the article, you should at least site it properly. Its definitely NOT from John Hopkins. The are flat out calling in a harmful hoax. Anyway, please double check and preferably reroute the linking address to John Hopkins note.

    Thanks for your time.

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  6. I notice how you cannot publish comments debunking this pseudoscience nonsense e.g. my rebuttal where I gave a detailed breakdown of everything that is wrong with this article. Rather that be confident in your viewpoint to publish the rebutal you delete it through censorship using moderation. You should be ashamed of yourself. This type of misinformation can actually kill people. You aware of that yes?

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