MongoDB : mongovue a windows desktop GUI client for easy no sql data visualization

MongoVUE is an innovative MongoDB desktop application for Windows OS that gives you an elegant and highly usable GUI interface to work with MongoDB. Now there is one less worry in managing your web-scale data.

MongoVUE makes it a very simple to see and visualize your data. It gives you 3 different views of it – TreeView, TableView and TextView. If you are from RDBMS (SQL) back ground you will feel at home with Table View of MongoDB (no sql).


Free images and videos you can use anywhere –

Free images and videos you can use anywhere

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Mobile App : To track your car expenses and mileage

Hi Friends,

I did a lot of research around web and mobile world to pick a useful app which can track car expenses, generate reports and show us the real picture of money burnt on car. Well, few years back I have created the google spread sheet to enter data from mobile / web and show graphical results. I found a better way this time and it is a mobile app which helps you to enter and sync the data between mobile app and web site. (It also tracks the real time trips)

Its nice and simple, just download it on your phone and give a try, its free as well as paid for pro version.

Andriod :






Link : A nice website to learn AngularJs and Animation :


In this web site concepts are explained in details with working code demo. It is very light weight and funny. If you are stressed by reading high fundu articles, try this simple yet affective website to learn programming and angularJs.

JavaScript Much watch video list

The github link has lot of nice video since 2010 which are really nice to get deeper in Java script.


  1. Ilya Grigorik: Website Performance Optimization (Udacity course) [1:13:57]
  2. Mark DiMarco: User Interface Algorithms [27:41]
  3. Neil Green: Writing Custom DSLs [29:07]
  4. Philip Roberts: Help, I’m stuck in an event-loop [20:13]
  5. Eric Bidelman: Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development [36:12]
  6. Alex Russell, Jake Archibald: Bridging the gap between the web and apps [48:40]
  7. Scott Hanselman: Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler [25:56]
  8. Jafar Husain: Async JavaScript with Reactive Extensions [26:38]
  9. John-David Dalton: Unorthodox Performance [43:39]
  10. Gary Bernhardt: The Birth & Death of Javascript [29:22]
  11. Addy Osmani: Memory Management Masterclass [55:06]
  12. Reginald Braithwaite: Invent the future, don’t recreate the past [39:16]
  13. Kyle Simpson: Syncing Async [42:25]
  14. Ariya Hidayat: JavaScript and the Browser: Under the Hood [29:13]
  15. Jafar Husain: Version 7: The Evolution of JavaScript [1:11:53] ♨


  1. Nat Duca, Tom Wiltzius: Jank Free: Chrome Rendering Performance [40:53]
  2. Ilya Grigorik: Automating Performance Best Practices with PageSpeed [46:58]
  3. Eric Bidelman: Web Components [32:39]
  4. Alex Komoroske, Matthew McNulty: Web Components in Action [41:28]
  5. Paul Lewis, Peter Beverloo: Device Agnostic Development [40:44]
  6. John McCutchan, Loreena Lee: A Trip Down Memory Lane with Gmail and DevTools [42:09]
  7. Joe Marini: Upgrading to a Chrome Packaged App [43:49]
  8. Pete Hunt: React: Rethinking best practices [29:31]
  9. Martin Kleppe: 1024+ Seconds of JS Wizardry [31:01]
  10. Yehuda Katz: A tale of two MVC’s [31:06]
  11. Vyacheslav Egorov: Performance and Benchmarking [25:41]
  12. Brendan Eich: JavaScript at 18: Legal to Gamble [25:44]
  13. Mathias Bynens: JavaScript ♥ Unicode [26:12]


  1. Ryan Sandor Richards: Garbage Collection & Heap Management [32:57]
  2. Addy Osmani: Scaling Your JavaScript Applications
  3. John-David Dalton: Lo-Dash [25:08]
  4. Gary Bernhardt: WAT [4:17]
  5. Angus Croll: Break all the rules [31:29]
  6. Nicholas Zakas: Maintainable JavaScript [47:04]


  1. Douglas Crockford: Level 7: ECMAScript 5: The New Parts [57:18]
  2. Douglas Crockford: Section 8: Programming Style and Your Brain [1:06:45]
  3. Ryan Dahl: Introduction to Node.js [1:06:33]
  4. Alex Russell: Learning to Love JavaScript [1:03:25]


  1. Douglas Crockford: Volume One: The Early Years [1:42:08]
  2. Douglas Crockford: Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript [1:30:22]
  3. Douglas Crockford: Act III: Function the Ultimate [1:13:28]
  4. Douglas Crockford: Episode IV: The Metamorphosis of Ajax [1:33:54]
  5. Douglas Crockford: Part 5: The End of All Things [1:24:42]
  6. Douglas Crockford: Scene 6: Loopage [51:52]


  1. Nicholas Zakas: Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture [52:22]