Work hard party harder

I thought working hard all the time will help you to achieve your goals faster, recently I discovered that resting and relaxing are complementary to hard work and is essential for productivity.

Here is the blog post of my mentor Sandeep Karode

who made me realize the 10/20/70 rule:

0% of your time do Intense Activity

20% of your time do Skills Training

70% of your time, Rest

If you want to reach your goal faster, learn to relax 😉

Leave your thoughts in the comments if you agree or disagree?

Effective way to learn is repetitive and consistent learning

What you learn, you forget 50% of it within 60 minutes and only retain 20% after a month.

The best way to learn and retain longer is reviewing/revising the content regularly and consistently

Brain is also a muscle, the more regularly you use it on some topic with reputation, the better you become at it. Instead of studying once a week for a longer time, try to study in small slots of time regularly and review it over and over again, so that it will penetrate deeper in your brain.

Public URLs for exposing your local web server

Check out and install NGROK and expose your web server with a public url. This makes life so much easier for developers.

Public URLs for exposing your local web server.

Install it on mac using brew :

brew cask install ngrok

Once you run this, url mapping and out would look like below, you can monitor the request as well.

ngrok by @inconshreveable (Ctrl+C to quit)
Session Status online
Session Expires 7 hours, 49 minutes
Version 2.3.35
Region United States (us)
Web Interface
Forwarding -> http://localhost:8080
Forwarding -> http://localhost:8080
Connections ttl opn rt1 rt5 p50 p90
1 0 0.00 0.00 49.45 49.45
HTTP Requests
GET / 503 Service Unavailable
GET / 503 Service Unavailable

ORAI mobile app: AI Communication Coach to help with public speaking

ORAI is mobile app with a mission to help everyone overcome their fear of public speaking.

Orai analyzes your speech and gives instant feedback on where and how to improve. Improve your communication has been never easier!

Orai allows you to record anytime anywhere so if you cant make it to the toastmasters meeting or if you are feeling nervous 20 mins before your presentation. Just open Orai and practice your speech!

Whether your need help with a job interview, a presentation or just in improving your skill, Orai has got your back!

They also have bite-sized lessons to guide you on your journey towards improvement.

Buddha doodles website for cute cartoons with meaning ;-)

This site provides a lots of nice images with nice thoughts and cute cartoon which can be used in presentations and shared with friends and family.

Go and please check it out.

Mount Shasta Climbing and tenting trip 2019

Myself Prem Aseem Jain and my friend Sachi went for the mountaineering trip at Mount Shasta new Sacramento California.
We climbed and camped at 10,000 feet at lake Helen for 2 nights and 3 days. We had to carry a tent, fuel, equipment, electronics, food on our backpack. Both of us combined carries around 130 pond weight.
There were avalanches, snowstorm, wind storms and temprature was -20 degrees F.

Mountaineering and tenting at -20 degree at mount Shasta by Prem Aseem Jain and Sachi

It was fun, when we returned our face had major sun burn.