mobaxterm has colorful console

Check out the demo. It can do a lot. If you are fed up with black and white console and wants some colors in life. Try mobaxterm

MobaXterm tabbed terminal


Test Responsiveness of website by using viewport resizer chrome app

If you want the responsiveness of your website, here is excellent free tool (basically a chrome plugin) which will simulate different devices resolution.

Tool website :

Chrome store link for plugin in :


Here is video demo / tutorial

API : Swagger API documentation tool

A good interactive API documentation for your restful api is essential  for the success and adaptation of the service / product. If apis are good and documentation sucks then no one would be able to consume apis easily.

Swagger is one of the best api documentation tool. Usually apis tools are read only monotonous api documentation, however swagger is much more interactive. Its try out feature is awesome and allows the actual call to apis with payload and query parameters and responds back in the real time.

Click this link and try doing CRUD operation on user –¬†

Swagger also has a WYSIWYG  (what you see what you get ) editor for  API documentation tool. It allows you to write and review and execute all at the same time. I loved it. So cool, simple and effective.



Emotion detection Demo using laptops camera

Here is something interesting (A  face reader with emotion detection). Once you click the link in chrome, you would see a comedy video of stand up comedian. Browser would ask you to allow video cameras and safe permission. Just allow it and keep your face around 1 ft away from laptop.
Now when you will there is a face overlay on top of video which mimics your facial emotions / reactions. There would be graph under which will show datapoint about happy, sad, angry, suprise etc.
Follow below steps and enjoy :
1. Open on Chrome
2. Use laptop
3. Allow access to video cam
4. Keep laptop at 1 ft distance

Done throuh p5.js