Customer Delight Award – 2014

When you work hard with dedication and then if you get appreciation, your faith and believe in your self becomes more stronger and deeper. I have been handling  a “product for cloud computing brokerage’” client for more then a year by now and client is very happy with things. CEO my organization Mr. Kinesh Doshi has presented this award to me during “Global Town Hall Meet”


Here is the certificate close up Winking smile 

This award was given to me for my passion, dedication and client sensitivity in delivery beyond expectations that brought their “WOWs” and accolades to the company.

Personal : Being with my self

I have been enjoying complete independence and freedom for last couple of weeks as my wife and daughter are away for vacations. I am alone in my home and I am enjoying being with my self. I can do what ever & whenever I want and that too without any interference or disturbance. I do yoga / meditation / dance / sing / swim / eat / read and do what ever I feel from inside without any external suggestions/impositions from any body. No pressure, no expectations, no complains, no adjustments and no compromises. Its peace full, silent and tranquil seems like a Paradise.
I think every one should get a chance to be with them selves once in a while.