Movie review : Coco 3D animated movie

Overall Rating : 5/5


Coco is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated fantasy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

After several years I want to theater to watch any 3D movie  with daughter and wife. I was so happy to watch this movie. The message was simple – “Love your family and value them” .

There is no extreme sex or violence. For kids and even for adults its a very nice movie to watch.


Ra-one movie review

overall rating - 1.5/5
I took my twince cousin brother(teen aged) on Diwali 26 Oct (first day first show ) with a hope to have some fun and fantasy. After 30 min they told its a horror movie and wanted to quit it before interval. To save money i told them to stay there for some time. 
Generally we call a movie is  comedy like Golmal, action, romantic but Ra one has all these thing, but could gain his identity. The special effects were frustrating at times and some vulgar funny comedy by sharukh were ice breaker.
Shah Rukh walks sideways on a Mumbai local train, stops an engine with his bare hands, charges himself with electricity, even slaps his heroine's butt and grabs her breast. In between throwing cars at his arch nemesis, recently escaped from a video game; dancing like Michael Jackson.
"ladai dil se jeete jati hai" well Ra one could not prove it. Spending 150+crore on this movie were not justifable. Movie has less inspiration and more negativity.  
For me its a boar movie.