Java Tutorial : Hands on project for library management application

I am coding Library Management Project in Java and teaching it in simple steps.
If you are interested in doing or learning Java with hands on project then check out this play list from my youtube video 🙂

Git Repo :

Project requirements:
For details visit :

Rackspace Bicycle light parade around windcrest Christmas decoration

Rack space San Antonio has organized a very good night bike light parade to go around neighbourhood and see Christmas decoration lights. Around 500 bikers have participated and enjoyed this night cycling rally.
Such nice events should be organized and enjoyed everywhere in the world 🙂

For details :

Giant Mountain bike Stance 1

Hi Friends,

I am excited to share the new that, today I have purchased a new mountain bike (bi cycle) worth Rs (1,30,000) One Lakh and Thirty Thousand. Its an investment towards health and fitness. Its exciting and environment friendly as well.

Enjoy this video and try it out, I am sure you will enjoy it 🙂

ScienceOnline’s channel

Here is the link of scientific experiments. It is really awesome.  During my child hood days I used to struggle a lot to get such equipment’s and to the experimentations. But now with the advent of technology it is so simple, you will get to know everything in an animated way with different angles and perspective. I loved it. Have a look and light.