Do not judge people by a piece of paper

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My article on Ethical Hacking got published :-)

Feeling happy to share that “Ethical Hacking is Hacking to Help” is my article which got published in #accion May newsletter.  Last time the article was authored by Company’s CTO.

Link of article is:

It’s a quick n fun read, if you have a couple of minutes, click the link and read it. 

Dynamodb: How to run dynamodb locally

DynamoDb is a cloud managed server provided by AWS – Amazon web service. Technically, you cannot install and manage it on your own for your production system. However for testing purpose, AWS provides the ways to run it locally and avoid hitting cloud service all the time to save some money.
The easiest way is to pull docker image and run it locally
Follow below steps to run dynamodb locally
# pull image from docker hub provided by AWS –

docker pull amazon/dynamodb-local
# run image
docker run -p 8000:8000 amazon/dynamodb-local
Hit this url on browser  to test dynamodb is working