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5 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Hi, I was wondering what sources you could share to back your facts up about eating well and cancer? I have read much about and also practice eating whole and unprocessed foods, little to no dairy and meat, and how it can help fight off cancer…my aunt who is a 15 year survivor of breast cancer is living proof. Do you have some reliable sources from peer reviewed and scientifically published articles that you could forward? I would not feel comfortable sharing this unless you can share this published research from which you are drawing you statements from. I would also be careful about posting a blog about this to the internet world unless you have research to support this page because it comes across as pseudoscience even though it is not. Thank you for sharing your knowledge though!


  2. You really should check the spelling of your tagline. Also, that Johns Hopkins claim is false and could get you into MAJOR legal trouble. Might consider pulling this bullshit claim…


    • David,just found out your comment !!! I am quite surprised by the fact that ,if you read this “BS” , as yo call it, you are not familiar with the effects that food has on the human organs through life ! How do you think all these ilnesses have originated in our “modern” society ? The effects of the wrong food on humans , braiwashed by the Food and Drug companies, has cause more death by cancer than ever before…the only difference is that now days the food and drug business is a multimillion dollar factory only for thiose companies and the “doctors” who prescribe those drugs….if you take that business away by eating correctly and having almost no reason to prescribe drugs,,,,then the “so called doctors ” would loose all their income and benefits. THIS IS THE REALITY OF THINGS as of today 2014 and in the past 40 years.,…believing or not….and that is why they are running to declare that everything that has to do with an alternative resolution to cure cancer is an Hoax !!!!


  3. FYI I shared your cancer post but then there was a few points were nagging me. especially “The Hopkins” reference which is often associated to Hoaxes. I though of it some more and ther a did a query on Snopes: It is a hoax:

    The post from John Hopkins:

    Of course there is a lot of very good information but many rationals behind the arguments are specious. Example: if oxygen is bad for cancer cell it is bad for regular cells as well (that’s why we need to include anti-oxidants like green tea in our diet)..


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