Get rid of stress by using breathing technique

This is a very important news report which can help you getting rid of stress by using simple breathing technique. 🙂



Python : Converting unicode logs of dict into valid json format

While debugging, programmer goes through logs to grab request payload. The issue is payload is wrapped with u for unicode, ‘ and True and False and None which are python standards however fails to pass json validation.

Hence to use them, we need to convert the unicoded python dict into valid json to do crul call, for the same here is the simple trick :

{u’a’: u’aValue’, u’b’: u’bValue’, u’c’: u’cValue’} is a dictionary which you are calling as unicode json. Now, in your language if you want a regular json from this then just do something like this:

x={u'a': u'aValue', u'b': u'bValue', u'c': u'cValue'}
print y

The output will be {“a”: “aValue”, “c”: “cValue”, “b”: “bValue”}

This will remove all u, convert False into false, True into true, None into null and convert ‘ into ”   🙂

Mongodb – can’t login via -u root -p bitnami

Are you trying to login like this?

mongo admin --username root --password YOUR_PASSWORD

where YOUR_PASSWORD is the one you can see in your AWS system log:

Setting Bitnami application password to 'YOUR_PASSWORD'

If this doesn’t work, you can also try resetting MongoDB password:

MongoDb : Case in-sensative search using pymongo

As we all know Json is case sensitive and so is MongoDB, hence searching same name which got save in different case might not return any result. The solution is to do case in-sensative search.

Below is the example of pymongo

db.users.find_one({'name': re.compile(username, re.IGNORECASE)})

Links to Online Guided Meditations

🦋 Links to Online Guided Meditations 🦋
1. Power Meditation 7 minute

2. Om Meditation- 10 minutes

3. Transforming Emotions

4. Journey Within

5. Sound to Silence

6. “Hara Hara” Meditation

7. Breath of Relaxation

8. Shiv- Shakti Meditation

9. Yoga Nidra ( Hindi)

10. Morning Meditation

11. Meditation for Peace ( Hindi)

12. Rudram (Taking shower with Mantra) Mantra Snanam