Every place you are in has a different impact on the mind. Even in your house you can see that you feel differently in different rooms. A place where there there has been singing, chanting and meditation has a different influence on the mind. Suppose you like a particular place; you may find that a little later it will not be the same.

Time is also a factor. Different times of the day and year have different influences on the mind.

Different types of food that you take influence you for several days.

Past impressions- Karmas- have a different impact on the mind. Awareness, alertness, knowledge and meditation all help erase the past impressions.

Associations & actions, or the people and events you are associated with, also influence your mind. In certain company your mind behaves in one way and with others in a different way.When you do something which you are good at, you feel more relaxed and peace of mind, however if you do things which you do not like, you mind is not focused and energy seems to scattered around. 

For better productivity, you can try a place you like, with a group of people you feel comfortable, then try to have some nice food together and try some fun activities, like games, dance, signing, meditation, study or work together. 

Personal : Being with my self

I have been enjoying complete independence and freedom for last couple of weeks as my wife and daughter are away for vacations. I am alone in my home and I am enjoying being with my self. I can do what ever & whenever I want and that too without any interference or disturbance. I do yoga / meditation / dance / sing / swim / eat / read and do what ever I feel from inside without any external suggestions/impositions from any body. No pressure, no expectations, no complains, no adjustments and no compromises. Its peace full, silent and tranquil seems like a Paradise.
I think every one should get a chance to be with them selves once in a while.