Meditation answers questions

Any question you have can be answered during your meditation or at the end of your meditation. If you go deep within, you are bound to get an answer. But when you get an answer, you have to determine whether it is coming from the soul or from the mind. If it comes from the heart or the soul, then you will feel a sense of relief and peace. At that time no contradictory thought will come to negate the answer. But if the answer does not come from the heart or the soul, then the mind will come to the fore and contradict the idea you have received.

Messages that come from the mind will have no certainty in them. This moment the mind tells you one thing; the next moment the mind tells you something else. ‘1’his moment your mind will tell you that I am a very good man; the next moment your mind will say, “No, he is very bad.” But the heart always offers the same message. When you sit down to meditate in the morning, it gives one message. In the evening when you meditate, you will get the same message from the heart.

If you get an inner message to see somebody-let us say your boss-you will simply go and sec that person. But if the message comes from the mind, before you see him there will be many questions in your mind. Then, if you finally do sec him and the result does not come out according to your satisfaction, you will curse yourself and say, “No, it was not the right thing to do. I got the wrong message.”

But if the message comes from the soul, you will have tremendous conviction, and you will take both success and failure with equal satisfaction. While you are executing the message, you will not expect anything in your own way; you will not expect that your boss will be pleased with you or will do something for you. You will just do it, and whether the result comes in the form of success or failure, you will feel that you have done the right thing.

Yoga – Padma Sadhna by Art of Living

PadmaSadhana gives you access to your inner strength. When practiced daily, this 45-minute sequence of yoga poses can lead to a calmer mind, healthier body and more peace. This set of graceful yoga asanas (postures) helps prepare the body and mind for deeper meditation. One of the key tips is to stay relaxed throughout the practice. Doing Padma Sadhana before Sudarshan Kriya enhances your experience, so that you remain uplifted throughout the day, untouched by the mud around you.

‘Padma’ means lotus and ‘Sadhana’ is your effort. This practice should therefore be as effortless and light as a lotus. Sadhana is the gentle nudge to get on to the mat and Padma is the unfurling of your potential, layer by layer. Together, Padma Sadhana can help you blossom from within through the practice of yoga postures.

The weight loss factor!
Besides its mental and emotional benefits, the
Padma Sadhana is designed for a complete body
workout. The long holds in to the poses leads to
a firmer body. The workout takes around 20
minutes of your time but the intensity of the
workout is such that it works on the body post
20 minutes and helps to burn a few calories post
the workout.