Top 10 tips for winter health

Ø Boost your immune system: Make sure your grocery bag is full of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, C and E  (think carrots, oranges, grapefruits and dark leafy vegetables) to ensure your body has a steady flow of ammunition to fight infection.

Ø Grab a shut eye: Due to longer nights, you tend to sleep more. Don’t fret about it and enjoy the extra napping time that you get, guilt free!

Ø Get outdoors:         Even though it may be tempting to sit inside the warmth of your house, it’s important that you get some sunshine whenever possible.  It’s possible to get depressed if you don’t get enough sunshine. In medical lingo, it’s known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Ø Watch what you eat and drink: Winters are also a time when many people buy themselves a one way ticket to weight gain by reaching   for deep fried snacks and hot beverages. It’s important to remember cream based soups and cream laden caffeine drinks aren’t healthy.

Ø Stay active: Lethargy affects everyone during the winters. Getting out into the cold weather for your jog or cycling may seem impossible   but try and squeeze in a little bit of activity into your winter schedule. Remember to warm up as your muscles are  tighter during winters making them more prone to injury.

Ø Keep infections from spreading: Wash your hands regularly to keep infections from spreading

Ø Stay warm: Cover up if you are feeling cold. Don’t wait till your fingers have frozen or your feet have numbed.

     Wear socks, gloves, scarves, anything to make sure your body is comfortable.

Ø Hydrate yourself: It’s normal not to feel thirsty during winters, but keep yourself hydrated. If you don’t feel like drinking water, give your body lots of warm fluids in the form of clear soups and herbal teas.

Ø Show your skin some TLC: Your skin probably is the worst affected during winters. Lack of moisture in the air and in your body leaves it dry and flaky. Show it some love and affection, use a deep nourishing cream to ensure your skin stays healthy.

Ø Be heart healthy: Winter is notoriously associated with a rise in heart attacks. The reason for this is still much debated, but the fact remains. So if you are a heart patient, watch what you eat, exercise moderately and head to a hospital if you feel some discomfort. Be safe!!

Happy Winter :-)

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Usage is important then numbers of resources


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Success Is Helping Others

This is the story I was told

By a wise man that’s very old


Success is not just reaching the top

But also helping others go up


Success is not being better than the rest

But helping others be at their best


Success is not about having fame or fortune

But helping others avoid misfortune


Success is not about showing that you are superior

But helping others know that they are not inferior


Success is not about showing of your ability

But helping others enjoy stability


Success is not getting what you want at every single word

But helping others get what they cannot afford


Success is about making people smile

Helping others live a life that is worthwhile

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Online MP3 cutter web site

Some time we need to cut a long song for our mobile phone ring tone or just want to cut the song for our dance performances. If we download a junk software and spend 1 hour installing and learning it then it’s a waste of time.

Here I suggest you a simple way – just visit this web site and cut your song in a minute.

Online MP3 Cutter

Here is the online application for cutting music. It allows you to effortlessly cut out a desired musical fragment from an MP3 file or a file in other formats, in order, for example to set it up as a customized ringtone for your mobile phone. Our web application is free; it was designed for a single purpose, which makes it easy to use unlike complicated professional audio editors:

  1. Just open the file (audio or video)
  2. Adjust the interval and click “Cut”
  3. Save the track on your computer’s hard drive

Detailed instructions on how to cut a song.

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Happy Halloween Friends


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Why Is Price Of Gold Dropping?

People usually invest in gold in two circumstances. One is when they fear inflation rates are eroding their spending power and they want an investment that they believe will hold its value better than cash. Another is when they see banks pay such low interest rates that gold seems to offer a better return on their investment than other options like savings accounts or bonds.

During the global economic crisis, many countries have sought to increase their gold holdings so they would not be left with too much of their reserves in hard currency that could lose value.But as the price of gold drops, buying gold looks like an increasingly unpredictable business. Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan all boosted their gold holdings in March this year.

Is there a limit to how much gold will fall?

Gold probably will find a floor fairly soon.The major rally in gold has come to an end. Any price appreciation in three-four years will be moderate. Investors should buy gold only if they can stay invested for at least 10 years.

In addition, the metal has lost its safe-haven appeal as risk appetite has increased due to improvement in the global economic outlook. Easing inflation in major economies has also diminished the demand for safe havens.

Summary :

Gold has given a return of about +18% in last 10 years, however if we consider last 3 years the loss was about –11%. The gold might come further down as people has more options of investments like real state, education, infrastructure (unlike our grand parents have only one option to convert their savings into Gold). gold might continue to remain at its current position for next few quarters and might go down as well. So I suggest you to either wait for some more time before investing in gold. However you can invest in SIP manner  with long term investment of around 10 years, as that would be a good option too.

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Java Concept : No need to initialize boolean at class level

This concept says, boolean take the default value and does not required any pre-assignment if at class level
How ever if it is a local variable ie defined inside the method then compilation error for uninitialized variable might occur.


If we do like :

boolean var = false;

Then it reassign the same value in 2 steps and make is much more slower.

1. Assign default value (false) to variable. 

2. Assign user defined value to variable.

For better performance and clean code leave assignment to JVM Smile

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