Movie review : Coco 3D animated movie

Overall Rating : 5/5


Coco is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated fantasy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

After several years I want to theater to watch any 3D movie  with daughter and wife. I was so happy to watch this movie. The message was simple – “Love your family and value them” .

There is no extreme sex or violence. For kids and even for adults its a very nice movie to watch.


Mycarfax Mobile app to maintain your vehicle service records and more

Mycarfax mobile app which can help you maintain your vehicle by keeping track of service records, inspection records, registration records, repairs, current marked value etc.

web version:

Mobile app :

It also provide you the current value of your vehicle. (if you want to sale it today).

It reminds you of dates when next service, inspection, registration etc is due.

It also notifies you for any recall on your model.

Its simple to sign up with facebook login and pull all records based on on VIN 🙂

I lost my convertible car since I skipped oil change, now I am using this app to keep track and get reminders. ITS FREE.

(Works in US region)

shiksha veritas review

Very Bad school. I had to file the consumer court complain to get my refund. Thanks to Pune police for taking action by calling Shiksha Veritas Management ( Mr. Dilip and Jayashee ) making them to pay back the fees they were trying hold unethically. If you want to play with the future of your child then try this school.

My daughter has suffered in this school for around 2 1/2 years. We had to repeat the class since their was no improvement in 1 year. We had to take our child out in mid term and transferred in some other good school. (They even did not refunded the mid term fee as promised at the time of admission, until they were called to Abhiruchi police station).

The academic performance of school is not up to the mark, however they showcase lot of other activates which results in nothing at the end of the year (simple time waste for children). The kids in other good schools are way ahead then the students of same age in Shiksha Veritas.  
1. They keep on changing teachers. In every class at-least 2 to 4 teachers are changed.
2. Management is money minded and they are cheaters.
3.They charged 4000/- for Helen O Grady (some drama fees by institution) after collecting fees they dis continued it and did not returned the fees.
4. Premises is too small and dirty.
5. Transportation is very poor. They are all liers and have no integrity at all.
6. Basically they lack experienced person in their institution. They have bunch of low salaried people with no experience at all with very high level of ate ration.
7.The way they organize program is pathetic / very dis-organized . They have no sense of child cytology and literally torch er the children back stage during their annual show / fashion show.

Caution: At the time of admission they will talk sweet thing but at the end they will deny every thing, so better to keep every thing in writing or better record the conversation since they keep on changing their statements and especially rules to cheat parents.

Here is link of consumer court complain  for Helen – o – Grady :

Here is link of consumer court complain  for fees refund :

Manoh Chaurasiya complain :
Address: Row House No.6,Sterling Nisarg,Phase-2, Benkarvasti,Dhayari, Pune, Maharashtra 411041
Phone    093229 22358

My motive of writing this review is to warn parents about Shiksha Veritas and their bitter experiences. When people are new, they trust the school due to Shiksha Veritas sweet lies and marketing skills, however when their child suffers, their soul curses Shiksha Veritas school and regret on their bad decision or lack of research before taking admission.

Feel free to contact me if you want more details. Leave a comment in the blog if you had bitter experience with Shiksha Veritas school.

software review : Mp3DirectCut (free music editor)

Today, I just wanted to edit a MP3 song, cut it short for my dance performance. After doing a lot of research, I found Mp3 Direct cut is a useful tool especially on windows platform for normal users (beginners in sound editing). It is simple, it will show you the song, you can select and delete the portion you do not want and at the end save the file. That’s so simple Winking smile 

Mp3DirectCut is a fast and extensive audio editor and recorder for compressed mp3. You can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume with no need to decompress your files for audio editing. Using Cue sheets, pause detection or Auto cue you can easily divide long files.


These are some of the features of this program:

  • Editing tools. As well as the classics editing tools, MP3DirectCut enables you to manage the gain level, create fade in/out, and normalize batch processing, among others
  • Non-destructive editing functions. This means that if you do actions like copy, trim, crop or change part of the track, it will not affect the source audio file
  • Useful and easy graphics. Enables visualization of the the bit rate and the timeline in the sound graph. You can make a quick MPEG visualization and work with precision on the wave
  • Unicode supports. Unicode is a standard codification that enables text processing and includes track splitting with autocue or pause detection, as well as the generation or editing of ID3 type tags, specifically ID3v1.1, like filename or music genre.
  • Some functionality. Mp3DirectCut enables fast MP3 recording with the encoder ACM or Lame, and supports AAC and MP3 formats
  • It allows batch processing like the functions Save or Split.
  • The display includes some playback options during the editing process, like Fast Play and Loop Play.

If you want know more about this software before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s website


Mp3DirectCut is a download ideal for those who want a free audio editor. A simple interface, easy-to-use but very useful, this software allows for non-destructive audio editing. Although it basically works with mp3 as a unique format, it has built-in tools for visualization, compression, encoding, recording, batch processing, among others, of your music or audio files.

Ra-one movie review

overall rating - 1.5/5
I took my twince cousin brother(teen aged) on Diwali 26 Oct (first day first show ) with a hope to have some fun and fantasy. After 30 min they told its a horror movie and wanted to quit it before interval. To save money i told them to stay there for some time. 
Generally we call a movie is  comedy like Golmal, action, romantic but Ra one has all these thing, but could gain his identity. The special effects were frustrating at times and some vulgar funny comedy by sharukh were ice breaker.
Shah Rukh walks sideways on a Mumbai local train, stops an engine with his bare hands, charges himself with electricity, even slaps his heroine's butt and grabs her breast. In between throwing cars at his arch nemesis, recently escaped from a video game; dancing like Michael Jackson.
"ladai dil se jeete jati hai" well Ra one could not prove it. Spending 150+crore on this movie were not justifable. Movie has less inspiration and more negativity.  
For me its a boar movie.

Rs 2.6-lakh Hyundai Eon may take India by a storm

Hyundai‘s latest entry level car has no apparent compromise despite its low price. The interior is spacious and the luggage space is also high. The style quotient is also not to be missed. The Eon has the fluidic design philosophy.

Hyundai in India has had a brilliant innings. The Santro was a success story and so is the i10!  They offer smooth drive and real luxary of car in compact form. With Eon they are targeting the entry level market. Unlike nano, they are not compormizing on technology, looks, comfort or saftey rather they are providing car like a car and too by making it affortable. In terms of price which is around 2.6 lac ex-showroom to fuel ecomony of 21 kmlp to beat the price rise of petrol every thing seems perfect. It is not in comptition to nano since it is lot better than it. It is in direct competition of largest selling maruti Alto which is around 2.8 lac, however in all respect it better than alto in terms of looks, drive, milege or price tag. Hyundai’s latest entry level car has no apparent compromise despite its low price. The interior is spacious and the luggage space is also high. The style quotient is also not to be missed. The Eon has the fluidic design philosophy.

The Hyundai eon is available in six variants and the pricing is as follows. All the prices are ex-showroom prices Delhi. On road prices will be depend on road taxes of individual states.

Era is priced at Rs.2,69,999
D Lite is priced at Rs.2,91,869
D Lite (O) is priced at Rs.3,11,869
Magna is priced at Rs.3,36,869
Magna (O) is priced at Rs.3,46,869
Sports is priced at Rs.3,71,869

The Eon will offer a comfortable drive and the feature list includes key-less entry (a feature that is mostly available only in big cars), driver air bags, front power windows, fog lamps, central locking and two tone interiors.

The features of the Eon D Lite are as follows

814 cc 3 cylinder in line petrol engine with 5 speed manual transmission
145/80 R12 tubeless tyres with silver finish steel wheels
Full size spare wheel
Brakes: front disc-rear drum
Single horn
Length x Breadth x Height: 3,495 mm x 1,550 mm x 1,500 mm
Wheelbase: 2,380 mm
# Gear shift indicator
# Cluster assembly signals (speedometer, dual tripmeter, digital odometer, fuel, water pump, oil pressure, parking brake, battery charge, high beam, engine check lamp, immobilizer)

To follow Eon facebook below is the link

To visit Eon official web site visit link:

Last not least: Feeding the white elephant ie running car on expensive petrol