Flying : Medical test for Commerical Pilot license by DGCA in India

To become a pilot or to continue pilot license, most import thing is medical fitness. If you are not medically fit you cannot start pilot training or continue with you job. The prove you are medically fit, you need a certificate from DGCA approved doctor.

There are 2 categories of medical – Class 2 which is basic or simple and class 1 which is a little more strict. To start pilot training you need class 2 and after that you must a class 1 medical fitness certificate to obtain / continue a valid commercial pilot license.

Click this DGCA link for more details about medical (for student pilots )



Here are few details for the same :

1. What medical do you need to undergo. Check whether the intended medical is an initial or a renewal medical.
(a) Initial Medical. Initial medical is done when a person with a valid Class-II
medical applies for the first time for a Class I Medical (a requirement for commercial
license). Also, in case the last medical date (Class-I) is more than two years old, a
fresh initial Class-I medical is to be conducted only at the IAF centres, alongwith
NOC (see below).

(b) Renewal Medical. Class-I Medical Assessments are valid for one year
(persons less than 40yrs. of age) or six months (persons above 40yrs of age). The
renewal medical may be done anytime from 04 weeks before date of expiry of validity
of Medical Assessment to the date of expiry of validity. If done earlier or later than
that, an NOC is required. Renewal Class-I medical may be done after expiry of
validity of previous (but not beyond two years since date of last medical) alongwith
NOC. Renewal medical exam is conducted in IAF centres (list below) and by DGCA
empanelled Class I Examiners (list below).

2. Appointment & Previous Medical Record (PMR) Forwarding.

(a) IAF Centres. After ascertaining type of medical, kindly seek appointment well in
advance keeping in view the time required for grant of appointments and PMR
forwarding from DGCA. The procedure for seeking appointment can be accesses in the
DGCA website under the Medical Section (or copy and paste the link

(b) Civil Centres & Class I Examiners. For Civil Hospitals (initial Medical) and
Class I Examiners (renewal medicals), kindly contact the centres/ examiners directly
at the addresses given below. PMR forwarding is not required for Class I initial
medicals conducted at Nanavati & Apollo Hospitals and for renewal medical
examinations conducted by Class-I Medical Examiners.

3. PMR Status Query. PMR files are forwarded to IAF Centres 2-3 weeks prior to date
of appointment (even if applications are received early). PMR forwarding status can be
accessed from DGCA website ( one week prior to medical date.

4. No Objection Certificate (NOC). For delayed/ early/ special medicals only, kindly
obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Medical Cell DGCA, New Delhi. The procedure
and form for seeking NOC is available on the DGCA website
( Applications for NOC are to be made after obtaining confirmed appointment.

5. Contact DGCA. In case of any further queries, kindly contact DGCA at 011-24622495
Extension 526/453 or by email at

15 thoughts on “Flying : Medical test for Commerical Pilot license by DGCA in India

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  3. Sir, I have finished my 12std this year in science stream so now I want to became a pilot so please tell instructions or exams, courses I have to take or pass


  4. Hi team,
    I m a btech from ECE n has 3years of work experience. I m 25 years old. Could u tell me the process to join commercial pilot training.


  5. I have completed BE mechanical and I am having 2 years exp in my field. I am want to become a pilot. I have lost my leg in one accident. Is that possible to become a pilot please reply for this. I am waiting for reply…


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  7. My sister has completed 10th and aspires to become a pilot. So she has to complete her 12th with PCM with 50%, is it the only requirement?? And one more question- what is the medical fitness required??


  8. This is a 2019 commercial pilot of India salary at rupees 40_50 lakhs per month…/and how to become a commercial pilot of India to 12/pass your class at science side..!! And this subject will be maths . science.geometry.pathlogy.bit I have to believe that….
    Please come to the real truth of commercial pilot license for…CPL.ppl…more to but this job is a very highly compressor and while so learn and mind is very high to any difficult situations to control this flight any something but amazing experience and high”faster mind so anytime after that you are like to be a commercial pilot in India it’s my dream but couldn’t god plzzz help me
    Shadab Khan


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